Data Eraser

Data can be of various types. All most every data that we save in our computer or storage device is important to us. But sometimes your data may include some confidential information which you would not like to share with anyone else. Erasing the data would be to the best of your interest. If you think simply formatting the partition or hard drive or deleting the files from the recycle bin will help to erase information permanently then you are wrong. So, how to erase it securely is the most important question?

You must use a proper data erasing software to erase all confidential information. A good erasing tool will not only erase the deleted files, but with its various data shredding techniques wipe them beyond recovery. One such, much acclaimed data eraser is Remo File Eraser. This software will help you to wipe your deleted data and make them completely inaccessible.

Remo File Eraser

Remo File Eraser is secure and effective software used to shred confidential data from the computer, storage device or other available external hard disk. The fact that this process is beyond any available form of recovery makes it absolutely safe. It assists you in erasing deleted data from the memory card or internal hard drive that you avoid sharing with anyone else. This software provides shredding options which are approved by government and law enforcement agencies. It can shred data anywhere from your Windows with its customized in-built scheduler as per the scheduled time or event. The complex shredding pattern has been appreciated and acclaimed by industry experts.

How to use Remo while data erasing?

You can download the demo version of this software and check its efficiency. First you have to choose the logical drive where the file has been stored. You will get a list of files from which you need to pick the file you wish to erase. Then select the erase algorithm from the erase option to erase it the way you want. You can purchase the full version after you get a preview of how it works

Salient Features of Remo Eraser

Remo Eraser has nine advanced algorithms to erase files. All these algorithms ensure safe and secure erasing. You can also shred deleted old files from your drive with the help of “wipe free disk space” option. Shredding zone provides a drag and drop functionality which facilitates erasing files

With Remo File eraser, you can be doubly assured of good results.

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