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Information is encoded in files in a wide variety of ways. That’s precisely why files come in several types. While files of the same type have similar encodings, files of different types differ in their encodings. This is what differentiates one file type from the other.  Some common file types with which we work on a daily basis are doc, PDF, XLS, jpeg, mp3, PPT, zip files etc. All files, irrespective of the type, can be stored in computer, memory card, USB Drive and many other external hard drives. However, storing the files does not secure them completely. Stored files can get lost due several reasons. Likewise, one can lose it to deletion. Remo Recover Software is an application built to recover all your lost/deleted files from all kinds of storage devices.

Remo Recover Software (Windows / Mac) - Basic Edition

Remo Recover Software (Windows/Mac)-Basic Edition is the best tool available for recovering lost / deleted files. This software can identify up to 127 file types and restore them quickly and effectively. It is designed to perform a deep scan of the whole storage device and pull out the desired files either on the basis of their unique signature or on the deleted tag attached to deleted files by the file system. This is a read only application and it is very safe to use in your system.

How Remo recovers lost / deleted files?

The files which got lost / deleted are not permanently erased. They may not be visible but they are located in the hard disk or memory card of the system. To recover these files download and install the software in your PC. Select ‘Recover Files’ and go to the next page. Here there two options: ‘Recover Lost Files’ or ‘Recover Deleted Files’. Now click on the partition / drive from which you need to recover your files and click Next to start the scan. Once the scanning process gets over a list of found files can be seen in file type view. Select the files and save the recovery session for later use. If you are satisfied with the results purchase this product online and restore your files permanently.

How files get lost / deleted?

Some of the common reasons are -

  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Files bypassing Recycle Bin due to exceed in size
  • Files get lost due to virus and other malware attack
  • While formatting the system files get lost
  • Using of third party application can lead to file deletion
  • Abrupt shutting down of the system and
  • Sudden power surge

Avoiding these situations can prevent unnecessary loss / deletion of files. In case you fail to avoid, Remo Recover is there to retrieve your files.


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