File Repair

A file is a collection of data. The data in a file is stored in a definite pattern. Any information that has to be stored in a computer or in a storage device is in the form of files. The most common type of files put to use is doc files, spreadsheets, presentations, movie files, audio files, image files etc.

All file types are sensitive and are prone to corruption. Generally corrupt files deny access to the user. With no access to the data, the files remain useless to the user. There are several reasons that lead to file corruption. To overcome this growing menace, Remo Software has developed some innovative tools which can be used to repair all kind of corrupt files.

Remo Software:

Remo Software is a software development company, which specializes in systems utility management. It has a range of products to repair corrupt files and recover data from them. The software is also capable of recovering data from corrupt files and storing them in a separate healthy file. The various repair tools provided by Remo Software are:

  • Remo Repair Outlook (PST) - to repair PST files,
  • Remo Repair Word - to repair word documents,
  • Remo Repair Power Point - to repair PPT files,
  • Remo Repair RAR - to repair RAR files,
  • Remo Repair MOV - to repair MOVIE files and
  • Remo Repair Zip - to repair zip files.

Designed with advanced technology, all these tools come with user friendly features which make file repair easy, effective as well as quick.

How to repair corrupted files using Remo Repair software?

To repair a corrupted file, you just have to download and install the corresponding Remo Repair Tool. Then run the software, specify the corrupt file to be repaired and use the advanced graphical user interface, to guide you to achieve your objective. You can also download and run the demo version of this software to check the efficiency of repair process. The demo version comes absolutely free. If it meets your expectations, you can buy the complete version and repair the corrupted files.  

Reasons for corruption of files

Some of the common reasons for the corruption of files are:

  • Virus infection,
  • Software malfunction,
  • Due to bad sectors on disk
  • Media corruption
  • Power surge

File corruption can be avoided if we handle devices with care. One such precaution is to use an updated anti-virus in PCs and a UPS.


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