Formatted Recovery

Formatting of memory storage drive is an important process that needs to be carried out periodically. It is compulsory to format the hard drive because formatting installs a file system which manages the files stored in it. There are times when users have to re-format their hard drive in order to erase all the stored files and re-install the file system. Since formatting erases all the stored data, not having a backup of files can lead to huge data loss. Sometimes formatting is necessitated due to file system corruption, disk error, master boot record corruption etc which again leads to huge loss of data. In case you have lost data due to formatting of your hard drive and are wondering how to get it back, then you have an effective solution in hand. The solution lies with Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Pro Edition. With the help of formatted data recovery utility, you can get back files from formatted partition.

Remo Recover

Remo Recover (Windows /Mac) Pro Edition is an application that can be used to recover data from formatted drives. It can also be used to recover data from lost / missing partitions, formatted / re-formatted partitions and re-formatted drives.  This utility has an advanced scanning algorithm that performs sector by sector scanning of drives / partitions. It ignores the existing file system and extracts the data from the previous file system. This application can be used to retrieves pictures, audio files, video files, raw images, documents, spreadsheets, etc. from formatted partitions / drives.

The salient features of this software are,

  • Graphical User Interface to make it user friendly
  • Powerful inbuilt algorithms for quick identification of deleted / lost files
  • Ability to skip bad sectors on drives by generating a disk mage
  • Option to use “save recovery session” to save time
  • It can recover and save files in compressed zip format to ensure less disk space is used

Because of these advanced features Remo Recover Software is relied upon by the industry

How to use Remo Recover Software:

To recover data from formatted drives, you just have to download and install the software. Then follow the instructions mentioned in the pop window of this application, which is designed to guide you to achieve your objective, without any difficulty. You can also download and run the trial version of this software, to test the software and check its efficiency. If you are satisfied with efficiency of the trial version to identify deleted data from formatted external hard drive, you can buy the full version of this software and recover  / restore data from formatted drives.


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