Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive is a component of a computer that is used to store data. It is used to store complex software’s responsible for normal functioning of your PC such as operating system, along with other small applications and files. The different types of hard drives are SCSI, SATA, PATA, IDE, etc. Proper maintenance of hard drive enhances system efficiency.

Hard drive failure is a common and un-avoidable menace.  After a certain period of time, the performance of a hard drive tends to fall. This is because of over usage and creation of bad sectors. Stretching it beyond a point often leads to system crash. When a hard drive fails or crashes it refuses to give access to any of its content and it becomes almost impossible to retrieve any data from it. But if data isn’t recovered from a crashed hard drive, it may get permanently deleted. Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Pro Edition is the best available tool in the market, to recover data from crashed hard disk drive.

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Pro Edition:

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Pro Edition is an excellent application which can be used to recover lost data from crashed hard drives. This application retrieves all the basic files (doc files, PDF’s, PPT, etc.) and media files (audio files, video files, pictures and raw images) from crashed hard drives. It can also be used to recover data from lost / missing partitions, formatted / re-formatted partitions or re-formatted drives.

It is equipped with an inbuilt scanning tool, which scans the entire crashed hard drive and extracts all kinds of files from crashed hard drives. The tool can identify all the different types of files because Remo Recover software has a complete understanding all the file types supported by both Windows and Mac operating system. It identifies each individual file based on the unique header and footer format.

Why use Remo Recover Software?

The user interface is so simple that even a first time computer user can work with the software without any difficulty. In addition, the software can be run with a self-explanatory window, which leaves you with no ambiguities whatsoever. And this recovery software is loaded with advanced and innovative features, which not only makes the recovery fast but also provides some useful options for similar operations in future.

How to use Remo Recover Software:

To recover data from crashed hard drives, you just have to download and install the software in a computer. Connect your crashed hard drive to the computer where you have installed the software. Now run the software, select “Recover Partition / Drive”. Click on “Partition Recovery”, then select the appropriate drive and specify the file type you want to recover. After the completion of the scanning process, you will get a list of data view and file type view on the software window. Select the files you want to recover and save them on a drive / partition or CD / DVD.


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